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Alaskan Yellow Cedar
The Hardest Known Cedar in the World!


Found only on the Pacific coast of North America – It is slow growing with high disease and decay resistance, as well as oils that make it very aromatic.  It grows from Alaska south to Oregon with the largest areas of growth in British Columbia and SE Alaska. What makes Alaskan Yellow Cedar so special?  Historically, Alaskan Yellow Cedar was first used by the West Coast Indians for their historic Totem Poles and great war canoes, it is a rare and often difficult to find lumber species.  Alaskan Yellow Cedar is still a preferred wood for boat building.  Master boat builders use it for its strength, durability and decay resistance.  When comparing strengths, Alaskan Yellow Cedar rivals that of Douglas Fir.  Left in its natural state, Alaskan Yellow Cedar turns a silver hue that is both elegant and stately.  If you prefer, Alaskan Yellow Cedar stains beautifully so it can fit into any décor or color scheme.
So what makes Alaskan Yellow Cedar special?  It's more than the natural beauty, superior craftsmanship, and pleasing texture of the wood itself.  It's also the people who use Alaskan Yellow Cedar - people whose taste and imagination demand the best.

  • Hand Rail System 
  • Decking & Accessories
  • Siding
  • Timbers
  • Deck Plugs
  • Pattern Stock

No other place in the home provides more pleasure than a beautiful, well-crafted deck.

  • Kiln dried to a 15-19% moisture content. At this moisture level, most of the shrinkage has taken place so you can be sure of having a stable product.
  • Surfaced-four-sides. To ensure longevity, they take extra care in producing an exceptionally smooth finish. Decking remains smooth with no raised grain.
  • PATIO GRADE for a select-tight-knot appearance and Clear grade when a knot-free look is preferred. These tailor-made grades allow our customers to choose the best value for their particular situation.
  • Accessories to complement any deck project. We have a large selection of grades and profiles in balusters, handrails, posts, timbers, fascia boards, ball tops, etc.

We now have kiln-dried siding available in a variety of grades.  Call for a complete list of available bevel, shiplap and tongue & groove patterns.
     •  Clear and Select-tight-knot grades.
     •  Ages to a light silvery gray, or takes a stain beautifully to fit any color scheme.
Whether you're after the structural integrity or the beauty of wood, we can provide high quality, exposed timbers in many Cedar species, such as Western Red Cedar, Incense Cedar, Port Orford Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar.

Pattern Stock
A wide variety of patterns and sizes are available. Call for a complete listing.


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