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Ipe’ Deck Tiles
The Affordable, Simple Choice for Updating the Outdoors

Deck tiles are an affordable, simple choice for updating the outdoors. Naturally resistant to rot and decay, Ipe offers the durability of teak at about one-third of the price.

Installing is easy – the tiles lock securely and precisely in place. Alignment of the tiles is automatic so your just extend the deck in whichever direction you want without any alignment problems. You only need t o be able to use a handsaw or jigsaw. You can create your own individual deck design with the many distinct tile styles for unlimited design possibilities – without the consideration of ventilation or other common restrictions.. Deck tiles offer portability and can easily be taken up and reinstalled in another location as required if you move or sell your home. Your investment in the material is not compromised. You cannot say the same for a built in deck.

Ipe tiles are ideal for a wide range of uses:

  • over existing concrete condo or apartment balcony
  • on existing wood deck or cement patio
  • roof deck
  • doorway
  • walkway
  • landscaping feature
  • vacation property
  • Ipe’ tiles age to a silvery gray patina, or you can maintain their rich dark-brown color by applying a penetrating wood sealer.

    Slat Width
    Average Weight (per tile)*
    Surface Area
    2.625" boards, non-slip grooved
    12.5 lbs.
    19.685" (500 mm)
    19.685" (500 mm)
    1.18" (30 mm)
    2.7 sq. ft.

    * Wood is a natural product and individual tile weights will vary slightly.

    When installing ipe tiles, ensure that surfaces are stable:

    • existing wood decks need to be in good structural condition
    • you can also install over packed gravel that offers good drainage


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