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Port Orford Cedar
The Strongest of all the Cedars!
Just inland from the rugged Southern Oregon coast is where these special and unique trees grow. This wood is known for its enduring beauty, captivating scent, incredible strength and unsurpassed dependability.
What makes Port Orford Cedar so special? Historically, Port Orford Cedar was the preferred wood for boat building. Master boat builders chose it for its strength, durability and decay resistance. This unique wood contains oils that naturally resist rot and decay. Tests done at the Oregon State University forest research lab found Port Orford Cedar to have a 20-25 year in-ground post life. When comparing strengths, Port Orford rivals that of Douglas Fir. Left in its natural state, Port Orford Cedar turns a silver hue that is both elegant and stately. If you prefer, Port Orford Cedar stains beautifully so it can fit into any décor or color scheme.
So what makes Port Orford Cedar special? It's more than the natural beauty, superior craftsmanship, and pleasing texture of the wood itself. It's also the people who use Port Orford Cedar - people whose taste and imagination demand the best.

  • Hand Rail System 
  • Decking & Accessories
  • Fencing & Accessories
  • Siding
  • Lattice Panels 
  • Timbers
  • Deck Plugs
  • Pattern Stock

No other place in the home provides more pleasure than a beautiful, well-crafted deck.

  • Kiln dried to a 15-19% moisture content. At this moisture level, most of the shrinkage has taken place so you can be sure of having a stable product.
  • Surfaced-four-sides. To ensure longevity, they take extra care in producing an exceptionally smooth finish. Decking remains smooth with no raised grain.
  • Appearance Plus for a select-tight-knot appearance and D&BTR grade when a knot-free look is preferred. These tailor-made grades allow our customers to choose the best value for their particular situation.
  • Accessories to complement any deck project. We have a large selection of grades and profiles in balusters, handrails, posts, timbers, fascia boards, ball tops, etc.

We now have kiln-dried siding available in a variety of grades.  Call for a complete list of available bevel, shiplap and tongue & groove patterns.
     •  Clear and Select-tight-knot grades.
     •  Ages to a light silvery gray, or takes a stain beautifully to fit any color scheme.
Whether you're after the structural integrity or the beauty of wood, we can provide high quality, exposed timbers in both Douglas Fir and Port Orford Cedar.
Landscape Timbers
Uses for our 4x6 Pecky Landscape Timbers are as varied as the imagination. Durable and decay resistant, these 12' timbers weather very well. Some of the more common applications include raised walls, raised flower and vegetable beds, planters, steps, stairs and walkways.

Pattern Stock
A wide variety of patterns and sizes are available. Call for a complete listing.

Environmentally Responsible

Oregon Forest Practices Act
The “Oregon Forest Practices Act” (OFPA) assures that timber is cut following strict laws that protect air, water, fish, wildlife, as well as Oregon’s citizens. In fact, the OFPA contains some of the most comprehensive forest protection regulations in the country. The broad categories covered in the OFPA include: planning and conducting forest harvesting operations and reforestation, road construction and maintenance, protection of fish and wildlife, and use of chemicals. We meet and exceed the guidelines of the OFPA.


Oregon Department of Forestry
Landowners planning commercial forest operations must submit a written plan to the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) prior to operation. The ODF verifies that these plans meet or exceeds the OFPA, and then issues a “Notification of Operation Number” to the operator. This number allows the ODF to track all operations, and ensures that all reforestation requirements have been met. To guarantee that our timber suppliers meet or exceed these strict guidelines, we require proof of their Notification of Operation Number.


No Wood Goes to Waste
We believe we have a responsibility to be as efficient as possible with the timber we harvest. To do this, we utilize every part of the log, leaving no waste. The bark removed from a log is used for landscaping bark or mulch, the wood chips are used to make paper products, and the sawdust and planer shavings are sold to make pressed board products.

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