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Anchorseal® End Sealer

Wax End Sealer - like a "wax paint" - that seals and protects the ends of hardwood decking products from costly end checking and degrade.

EASY TO APPLY --- Similar in viscosity to latex paint, ANCHORSEAL is easily brushed on.

COVERAGE --- One quart covers about 1 typical decking job, on both ends, depending on each individual application.

ECONOMICAL --- The cost of end coating is inexpensive, depending on length and application technique.

ANCHORSEAL is a stable wax and water emulsion.


Specific Gravity:
Viscous, white liquid (until pigmented)
2000 cps. (same as latex paint)
470 lbs./55 gallon drum; 45 lbs./5 gallon pail
215 kg./205 liter drum; 21 kg./19 liter pail
Use hot, soapy water (not solvents)

COLORS --- Available in natural wax (dries clear).

STORAGE --- Just like water-based paint, care must be taken to not expose ANCHORSEAL to temperatures below 32°F. For cold weather conditions, winterized products are available. We recommend storing ANCHORSEAL in a controlled environment, above 50°F, for trouble-free use.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY --- ANCHORSEAL is essentially non-toxic and non-hazardous. ANCHORSEAL is not combustible until dried and then has a flash point in excess of 400° F/205°C.

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