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Wood Specialties

Exotic Hardwood Siding
Now offering exotic hardwood sidings in a wide variety of profiles.  Hardwood’s natural durability and high fire rating provides an exceptional product that will add beauty and value to any home or commercial project.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar
Alaskan Yellow Cedar is is the hardest known cedar in the world.  Prized by boat builders, it has exceptional resistance to weather and insects as well as easy workability.  It's exceptional sliver-resistance makes it an excellent wood for use in decks, docks, playground equipment, sidings - as well as spas and japanese style furniture and soaking tubs.

Port Orford Cedar
Kiln Dried Port Orford Cedar is 45% stronger than redwood and equally decay resistant. The strongest of all the cedars - this versatile softwood’s beauty, strength and durability make it an excellent choice for both interior and exterior use.

Ipe' Decking
Ipe (pronounced ee-pay), an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay. 8 times harder than redwood and as fire resistant as concrete. First quality, all heartwood. Guaranteed for 25 years against rot and decay without preservative treatment. Great for upscale decks and unique trim applications.

Ipe' Deck Tiles
Create an instant deck! Deck tiles are an affordable, simple choice for updating a balcony, existing wood deck or cement patio, roof deck, walkway, etc. The simple installation makes them just as easy to remove as they were to put down giving you the advantage of portability if your move or sell your home.

Brazilian Redwood Decking
Massaranduba (aka Brazilian Redwood), another exotic hardwood that has many of the same mechanical properties as IPE’. First quality, all heartwood. This beautiful kiln-dried reddish-brown wood resembles all-heart redwood and is guaranteed for 25 years against rot and decay. Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.

Cambara Decking
Cambara (aka Brazilian Mahogany) represents the best value in clear, defect free decking from South America.  A consistent brown color, this exotic hardwood offers excellent workability as well as strength and durability.

Tigerwood Decking
Tigerwood’s bold striping and hardness make it one of the most exotic of all South American hardwoods. This beautiful kiln-dried hardwood is guaranteed for 25 years against rot and decay. Highly sought after for interior and exterior applications.

Garapa Decking
Garapa is honey toned wood that offers a lighter option for decking, flooring and siding.  This extremely smooth, highly lustrous wood from South America resists splinters and scratches.

Cumaru Decking
Cumaru (aka Brazilian Teak) is an extremely durable Peruvian hardwood.  In addition to it’s incredible strength and natural resistance to rot, decay and insect damage - this specie’s fire rating makes it a perfect wood for long-life exterior applications such as decking, docks, benches and bridges.

Hardwood Flooring
Now offering species from around the world.  These exotic hardwoods are extremely stable and substantially harder than their domestic counterparts.  Our solid and engineered flooring lines provide superior durability in high traffic residential and commercial applications.  Unfinished & pre-finished – small orders are our specialty!

Custom Milling
Whether you are looking for sidings, floorings, or specific patterns, we now offer custom milling for all above specialty woods – and a few we haven’t even mentioned!

Also Stocking... Wood Care Products & Accessories
From fastening systems to finishes, we are proud to promote the highest quality wood-care lines in the industry.


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